Architect, Design Team Member
Kris Linzay

Kris was born and raised in Central Louisiana, with the exception of a few years spent as a nomad in the Carolinas and the Midwest.  Luckily, he landed right back where he started in the state he loves.

He attended Louisiana Tech and was fortunate to participate in the Tech Rome program.  He devoted most of his trip to sketching ruins and café furniture in small Tuscan hill towns and completely forgot to sample the local vintages.  After graduation, he had a four year stint working at a small firm in New Orleans.  While there, he worked on various projects from restaurant design, to historic structure rehab, to tenant build-outs, and residential design.  He moved back to Central Louisiana just in time for the job market to crater.

A believer in “long cuts”, he took a 13 ½ year scenic detour at a local electrical engineering firm where he lead a team of one in designing electrical buildings for substations.  This opportunity afforded him the chance to work closely with electrical, civil, and mechanical engineers throughout the design process.  Towards the end of his tenure, he completed the licensure process and became a licensed architect.

As a new addition to the ABW family, he is looking forward to learning from his knowledgeable colleagues and to redeveloping his design skills in projects large and small.  In exchange, he will contribute over 17 years of technical and design experience.

Kris resides in Forest Hill with his husband and four stray critters.  He enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school where he is allowed to make a mess create art projects with the students a few times a year.  When he’s not taking weekend road trips, he’s probably in his craft room with a hot glue gun and a dream, creating impractical headgear for ridiculous occasions.