Design Team Member
Amy H. Wallace

Amy always knew what field she wanted to work in when she grew up — architecture. While many of her friends might argue exactly how “grown up” she is, they can’t argue about the architecture part.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Louisiana Tech University, Amy gained experience with a variety of firms in St. Louis, Austin, and Dallas. A Central Louisiana native, Amy returned to Alexandria with Bill, her high school sweetheart to raise a family. She has developed a strong background in many elements of design including commercial and residential architecture, tenant finish-out, and interiors. As a member of the design teams for First Baptist Church of Pineville, (LSEC) Louisiana Special Education Center, Medical Facilities, Red River Bank, Amy has enjoyed contributing to building construction and revitalization across her home state.

An avid artist, Amy is actively engaged in several community organizations that encourage art and design (although, she’s still afraid to let her two boys paint in the house). On the weekends, Amy enjoys being outdoors and occasionally trading out her paint brush for a fishing pole; enjoying Louisiana’s water-ways with ‘ALL’ of her boys (even the family dog).