St. Landry Parish Visitor Center Opens

It is now our opinion that every grand opening should be required to have a zydeco band jamming. Most don’t but ours did.

Our office crew made its first trip down I-49, exit 23, as tourists instead of architects, and was excited to be counted among the 200 visitors present for the ribbon cutting. Hearing the conversations in the exhibition hall, seeing people point out details that we toiled over, and watching guest stroll down the boardwalk made the trip worthwhile. It was a well-earned wrap party for all involved with making the St. Landry Parish Visitor Center a reality.

We can’t express our thanks enough to the St. Landry Tourist Commission for having the vision to do something more than a shallow replication of historical, and instead provide a facility to visitors that serves as a cultural portal to the region and is integrated with the site.

Lt. Governor, Jay Dardenne addressed the crowd, “It’s a great testament to the ingenuity and foresight of the people of this parish to make this happen.”
For more information and a picture of our friend and Director of Tourism, Celeste Gomez, wowing the audience please read the full press release.