Office Manager
Leslie  Stephens

Leslie provides the first contact that many people have with the firm. This is a good thing. Her positive attitude and devotion to do things the “right way” is genuine – as our clients, consultants, and contractors can surely attest to.

She contributes an extensive background of over twenty-five years of focused experience in the architecture and construction industry. Leslie plays an essential role by fulfilling administrative needs, supporting the project management team, and providing operational support for the firm.
Leslie’s versatility in linguistics (Cajun French) has come in handy on more than one occasion. A well placed, “Comment ça va . . .” can always help break the ice in our part of the country.

When she’s away from her second family at the office, Leslie is affectionately referred to by her grandkids as “Honey”.  Those kids nailed it.  Leslie also has a greener thumb than she’ll ever admit to, she loves photography, and enjoys cooking and sharing Cajun dishes.