Jim Weinzettle

As a partner in the firm, Jim Weinzettle’s contributions are built upon 25+ years of professional practice. Jim seeks architectural solutions based upon design concepts which represent the function of the building and the identity of the users, through a collaborative exploration of options. Collaboration occurs with the client, with colleagues in the office, and with consultants, seeking solutions that integrate the conceptual and the physical, keeping foremost in the design the positive support the building will give to the people inhabiting the building.

Some significant projects that Jim has led include: Renovations to Tolliver Hall Student Center at Louisiana Tech University, OakWing Golf Clubhouse, Jackson Financial Center, Pavilion at Camp Grant Walker, and Calvary Baptist Church. These projects exhibit careful consideration of the design impact and visual impact of materials and the details of their assemblage into the total building.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jim began his architectural education at Penn State University and completed it at Louisiana Tech University. After graduation, Jim moved to Alexandria, now calling it home with his wife Ruth and two sons, Mark and Eric. Jim feels he has at least dual citizenship as a Yankee and as a Southerner.

Jim is an active supporter of the Arts community, working backstage or occasionally taking the stage as part of the City Park Players, a local community theatre. He also works with several non-profit agencies: Hope House, Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition, and the Family Justice Center.